We see one pattern shown in the scriptures for church leadership – that is every local church is to be led by a body of Elders.

The Elders govern and shepherd the community as led by God through the Scriptures and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As a church we relate to NCMI which means we also have input and advice from other church leaders and apostolic team members. All Elders have equal say and any major decisions are made on consensus and in accordance to our church constitution.

These eldership couples are selected by the community with input from apostolic team members. The qualifying criteria as seen in the Scriptures are the following (in no specific order):

  • Husband of one wife
  • Leads self and family well
  • Able to teach
  • Temperate and self-controlled
  • Has a love for God’s people
  • Honest and upright

You will note the criteria is heavily biased towards high character standards rather than natural gifting. From within the body of elders one couple is selected as the Lead Eldership Couple to lead and co-ordinate the team’s efforts. This selection is also done by the community with input from apostolic team members.

Eldership is a function and not a position. There are no titles in North Hills Church. There is no hierarchy that can be found in the Scripture – Christ is on the throne and all are equal, under Him. As each part of the body is of equal importance but has different functions, so it is in the church.

The Elder’s function is:

  • to govern the affairs of the church,
  • to ensure sound biblical doctrine is taught and applied,
  • to set vision/direction for the church and
  • to manage any church discipline as is required.

There may be numerous other activities the elders are involved in according to their various giftings. These activities, however, are not requirements for eldership but rather for all believers as the priesthood, alive and active within the body.

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