What We Believe

At NHC our every effort and daily joy is to know Jesus and to make Him known. Jesus is the centre of all we believe – all we have is given by Him, all we are is because of Him and all we do is for Him. We believe that life only truly begins at the moment of being reconciled to the Father through the saving work of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension (Colossians 1 vs 15 – 20). This gift of new life is freely given and available to all. (Romans 6 vs 23).

We believe that salvation is the beginning of a relationship with God our Father. This relationship takes the form of a journey in which God through His Spirit guides us into ever increasing measures of freedom and fruitfulness. (John 15 vs 5 / John 10 vs 10) We believe that God has called us to grow our faith in Him alongside other believers in an authentic community built on the foundation of His love (Proverbs 27 vs 17 / Matthew 18 vs 20 / Hebrews 10 vs 24 – 25),

We believe the church is God’s hands and feet to outwork His plan to redeem a broken world – each person has a unique and vital role to play in this great mission (Romans 12 vs 4 – 5 / 1 Peter 2 vs 9 – 10).

At North Hills Church our every effort and daily joy is to grow in Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known.

Will you join us on this great adventure?