Next Generation

Next generation means passing on the baton of our faith to those around us. This includes our kids and youth but also includes the next generation of leaders.

Kids / Counter Culture

We want every person walking with us to have their own deep personal relationship with Jesus, regardless of age. That is why the kids and teens are an integral part of the church family as is everyone else.

We see our Sunday Celebration as a family “meal” with a place for all ages to sit at the table. For this reason, we have integrated Kids Church with the service. We will have an activity planned to keep little fingers busy and to use as a stimulant for discussion as families during the week. If your little ones are feeling very wriggly and not settling – don’t panic, it’s very normal! As parents we know that what our children ultimately need is a relationship with God and we trust that you will see that blossoming in your children as they become planted within a loving church community.

Our desire is to see our young people thriving and bearing fruit through their teen years. Counter Culture is a safe space for those in High School to connect and spur one another on in the things of God. We wanted to see our teens secure in their identity in Christ. Our Friday evenings are filled with discussion around relevant topics, amazing times of worship and a whole lot of fun!

Fridays 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Contact us for Zoom link or location

Brian / Amy van Zyl (084 879 3855 / 074 131 7551)

Leadership Development

We believe everyone is given leadership opportunities in their spheres of influence. We want to see people equipped and envisioned to seize those opportunities for the glory of God. We trust that each person would be jumping at the various discipleship opportunities on offer at NHC. In addition to on-going courses we have a quarterly Envision / Encourage / Equip time of specific leadership development.